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Default Re: New Batteries

I wanted an AGM starting battery, but the Optimax manual calls for a 1000 cca starting battery - and I could not find an AGM with that rating. So I went with a Bass Pro sealed lead acid battery. There may be some AGMs with the 1000 cca rating, but I did not have time to shop around. I was leaving on vacation with the boat, and needed a battery before I left. I knew battery 1 was getting low, and did not want any problems on vacation. So lack of planning on my part (putting off buying another battery) did constitute a mini emergency of sorts.

The second battery is a deep cycle marine battery. When I replace that thing I may go AGM.

Personally, I like the batteries that DO NOT require adding water. One less thing to worry about.

I will not buy any more Auto Zone marine batteries. I bought two and only a year later they were starting to act funny. I sold the boat before I could go back to Auto Zone and fight with them to pro-rate the things. Oddly enough, the Auto Zone battery in my truck has been good for a long time now. But their "deep cycle" marine batteries apparently suck.

As for "good"brands, I would say anything that is not an Auto Zone marine battery.