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Default RE: Lowrance lx20 sonar data to Garmin Chartplotter

rorkin - 10/20/2008 7:22 PMAm I missing something here ?? I have to verify that the Lowrance will put the sonar data on the NEMA 2k bus..
Same answer as on the other web site.

What you are missing is that the NMEA bus transfers formatted "sentences", and that the primary difference between 0183 and 2000 is the topology of the network.

Raw or unformatted "data", such as sonar info, is not transmitted on an NMEA network. The Lowrance unit will process the info from the transducer and display it, and will extract such info as depth, temperature, water speed, and transmit those in NMEA formatted sentences. Just as it will transmit the formatted LAT-LONG info to your VHF, and formatted XTE to your autopilot.