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Default Re: northstar 951xd,any good?

I used the sonar and maps to identify the small humps I fish - never thought about the Northstar for that, but I do have the chip which is 10 years old, so it may not have much detail. At 130' per inch of screen, I don't know how useful it would be with a new chip anyway. You may be able to get a better idea at their website, or at a boatshow, or at a dealer who has the new chip.

You will likely have a problem with the new satellite. Mine just lost the signal for less than a minute at first (only when the satellite was in view - which for me in NJ only happened every few weeks). Then later in the summer, it lost the signal for an hour or more - I talked to Nortstar, and they said the reaction of the unit to the new satellite was fairly unpredictable. If you go offshore, I would carry a backup GPS if you don't have the upgrade.
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