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Default Lowrance radar overlay

I have a little project to get radar overlay to my friends boat. He has "old" 7500 global map with LRA-1500. We have an extra extra heading sensor which gives out nmea0183 heading at 10Hz so we'd rather use it and save some bucks without having to buy nmea2000 compatible compass.

I'd need some info from the guys who have managed to get overlay to work on the older lowrance models. I was thinking of the following setup, any thoughts if it'll work?

-Actisense NGW-1 to change the compass nmea0183 to nmea2000.
-Lowrance red to blue cable to change the new nmea2000 to old lowrance blue network.
-Lowrance blue T-connector

There is an excisting blue network on the boat.

Anyone happen to know if there's a store where you can all the components from the same place?

Thanks for your input.