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Default Re: northstar 951xd,any good?

I had the 951 for 10 years, just replaced it with a Garmin 4208 last month. Good unit, I still use it as a back-up. You do need to get the software update - Northstar lists all their dealers by geographic area, and many of them can do it - I found a guy who did it for $35, Northstar wanted $75, as I recall, and had a 3 week turnaround. The reason for the update is that the unit only is programmed to look for 32 satellites, and number 33 was launched this spring, so the unit gets confused, and only sporadically gets a satellite fix when #33 is in view.

No color, but not a big deal for me. My major complaints (I fish, don't cruise), was that you had to scroll through all the waypoints to get to the one you wanted (can't search by name), and the closest you can zoom in is about 130' per inch on the screen, which is not good for someone who fishes wrecks. The Garmin, even the old ones, zoom in to about 20-30' per inch of screen.

If you decide to get rid of it, do the software update and sell it on ebay - they still are very popular.
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