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Default Re: Raymarine SR100 Sirius Weather

XM/Sirius Weather data pretty much mirror each other in content. With that in mind I can show you what you can and cannot display on your Raymarine.

I use the XM Weather service and display it on aGarmin 545. Here is some of the data that will availbale to you operating on the Great Lakes.

As mentioned above thereare no SST/Wave display overlays for the Great Lakes.

You can see from the display where the SST & Wave Height Info is available ........

You'll receive and be able to display near shore and mid lake Marine forcasts by pointing to a specific location on your Raymarine unit.

Once you diplay this you can view the Marine forcast for that specific location.

You can page thru this written statement .....

Near Shore Marine forecast .....

You can further refine your the data for the area of interest by selecting one of the numerous on lake weather buoys.

In this picture you can see the weather bouys located in the Great lakes Region.

Once you decide what buoy you want to view you can point to it, select it,and thenview the most current information from that location.

Here is a sampling of the info displayed ....

Info from the buoy .......

Another buoy ......

You can also display shore sites in geographical area of boating .........

This should give you a better idea what information you can display. Hope this helps you out.
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