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Default Re: Raymarine SR100 Sirius Weather

marinerjoe ... if you turn ON the wave height, you will be unable to see the surface temperatures. That's because they are both color features, and the SST is on a layer below the wave height. I keep the SST on, and the wave height off. If I want to check it out, it's a simple matter of turning it on, giving a look, and then shutting it down. SST is more important to me. Joe
Joe, Thanks for the info. I will be able to play with the settings after installation. Can't wait.

Irish Mist ... wave height is not available for Lake Michigan. In fact, open water forecasts are not available either. The near shore forecasts are hit and miss, one weekend we would get them the other we would not ... a "soon to be released" software update for the E-series. As for surface temps, wind and pressure - yes we were getting all that and it is great.
That's good news! Thank you. Currently running v4.29 and will keep an eye out for the next version.

Here is the reply that Sirius sent me to the same question:

Dennis, Thank you for contacting SIRIUS! We appreciate the time you have taken
to email us regarding Marine Weather. We are here to help!
SIRIUS Marine Weather provides comprehensive and high-quality
marine weather information and forecasting on your boat for as low as
$29.99/month. Information from the weather industry?s leading experts
is delivered via digital receivers capable of receiving both SIRIUS
Satellite Radio and SIRIUS Marine Weather Services. Premium weather
content such as current buoy reports and WSI NOWRad provide nationwide
high-resolution weather radar imagery and Sea-Surface Temperature
images. To learn more about SIRIUS Marine Weather services, please

Well, at least I got a response.