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Default RE: Length of battery time on the water?

BoozeMonkey - 10/12/2008 9:27 PM
I stayed in one spot chunking for 2 hours. All that was on was my Lowrance GPS/Sonar and my Uniden VHF. Do they draw so much energy that they kill a battery in two hours?
Or is my battery waning and I need to buy a new one at the start of next season?
Your sonar and VHF draw practically no power - probably less than 3 amps between them.

Your battery on the other hand, sounds pretty small - and might be on its way out anyway. A 1000 CCA battery is probably as big as you will be able to fit, but should be plenty. Do some measuring and see what works. You should be able to get a traditional lead-acid battery for under $100, or an AGM for $150ish.

It is also possible that your engine is not charging correctly - if you have access to a voltmeter you should check the battery voltage when the motor is off and again when the motor is running.

Your requirements are minimal though - so don't overthink this one. On a single 1000 cca battery I can drift for 4+ hours with the stereo, livewell, VHF, chartplotter, and lights running without a problem starting.

The bigger battery will actually be much BETTER for your starter as it will suffer less voltage drop when you turn the key. Also make sure all your connections are clean and tight.
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