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Default RE: Sound system upgrade

JoeCantFish - 9/29/2008 7:43 PM

Sorry Im late to reply to this post, but here is my take on the 'Infinite Baffle' JL subs...and all Infinite Baffle subs....They all sound -sub par-...hhahah, sorry for the pun

Ive been in mobile electronics for many moons (15 years) and Ive never ever heard an enclosureless sub sound good. Even if it had the JL symbol mounted on the cone. Ive worked on many boats and every sub that didnt have an enclosure was better at vibrating the hull than producing any sound. Keep in mind, a subwoofer is really only designed to produce freq below 90 hz (most house subs are designed for 60)...You will never hear this sucker while underway and you'll get to brag about it while anchored only to realize that you are talkin out your butt.

Subs need an air cushion to assist the amp in pulling the sub back in after a strong note. Otherwise, it will just keep bouncing around until the next big note. The result is a very muddy sound and an uspet owner for cutting a rather large hole in your hull.

check out the XMax of a sub....its the maximum amount of linear movement of a cone. I cannot remember the measurement, but an amplifier must have the capability to pull out the voltage as fast as it send it to the sub. If not, guess what....the sub bounces around like crazy which aids to the muddiness. Especially if it has a high xmax

I have the same JL amp (6450) installed in our boat, a pioneer head unit, and 6 pioneer 8" 2 way speakers. These things sound awesome. (8" 2 way !!! I was like, WHUUUT!!) I hear all the bass I need (I used to be that idiot butthead at stop lights banging away) and the clarity and midrange is perfect. Unless you have room for an enclosure (or bass tube) I wouldn't recommend an IB sub...

Now Im sure that someone will disagree with me, but before cutting a HUGE hole in your boat, Please Please goto a dealer that has one installed. I feel that JL audio (I managed a shop and we were a JL dealer) included this in their lineup just to sell more subs to a niche (which is what JL audio does)...Just my opinion

Oh and BTW, I have 2 10" JL subs and a 250/1 monoblock installed in my truck...I love JL audio....
no disrespect intended, but i used to judge USAC car audio competitions, and I have heard many IB installs that sound great. I have also performed many of these installs on boats with great results.

The problem is, most people dont take the time to truly seal the front of the speaker from the back. Maybe you are used to hearing poor installations?

Also, what many people fail to realize, is that there is a major difference between a "free air" installation, and an "infinite baffle" installation. Infinite baffle seperates the front of the speaker, from the back. A true infinite baffle would be the same as an infintely large sealed enclosure. It can be difficult to simulate this on smaller boats, and those boats may require a subwoofer with a full enclosure. But on the boats I work on, we have no problem going infinite baffle.

Free air on the other hand, is no enclosure at all, and the front of the speaker does not get seperated from the rear of the speaker, and you end up with cancellation.
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