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You should definitely have someone help you out if you are stuck on the battery issue. JL audio makes both a Free air and a sub made for an enclosure. The free air model has "IB" in the model number. For the free air model you don't need an enclosure. However make sure the area where the sub is mounted is adequate, if not it should be reinforced so when the sub is cranking the speaker frame does not vibrate. ( I had to use 1/2 inch starboard behind my speaker to firm it up. I rear mounted for a more pleasing look, but you could mount the baffle board in the front as most do.) When running your power wire for the amp make sure you do not use anything less than 4 gauge and if it is a long run you may have to step down to 2 gauge. Remember to run the same gauge wire for ground. Some will think four gauge or even two gauge is overkill, but you will thank me in the long run. You should run the power wire directly to the battery and properly fused 18" from the battery. I do not recommend running your power wire to your battery switch. In closing you should have some sort of a fail safe so you do not kill your batteries while enjoying the music with the engine off. There are many ways to accomplish this, the easiest is the ACR relay. Good luck