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Default Re: Sound system upgrade

Ok, this is a long story, but I will cut to the chase and go right to the bottom line. There are two ways to connect 2 batteries to a system:

1 Parrallel: In para, they are connected in a way that keeps the system 12v's, but combines the power of both batteries. In otherwords, it makes the system look like one big battery instead of 2 batteries.
2 Series: This connects the 2 battery's so in "series" so that they add each battery's power to each other. So each batter is 12v, add them togoether and the system is 24v's.

Boats for the most part are wired with the #1. Your switch #1, #2 OR both selections is only selecting whihc batteries are attached to the system. This allows you to "isolate" battery's for specific functions so you don't run them all dead and get stuck somewhere. For example, you anchorded all day playing yoru stereo and runnning the refridge, you don't wat to kill yoru starting battery, otherwise you would not be able to get home. But you don't care if you kill the 2nd "house" battery, so you put your switch on #2. Taht leaves battery #1 off the circuit, and keeps it fresh untilyou are ready to go home, at which time you switch the selector to #1, and start you motor with a nice3 fresh battery that has sat idle all day long while you drained your 2nd battery booming Bob Marley.

So in your case, you want to connect you amplifier to the output of the selector switch. So which ever # 1, 2 or both you select the swith to, you cna run the stereo / amp. It will be 12 volts, and will run off battery #1, #2 or both batteries.

BUT, I will advise this VERY strongly. If you are asking a question like this, you should definitely have somebody else do this install. Let somebody who understands electric a little better do this for you.
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