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Default Re: Sound system upgrade

energinerbuzzy - 9/27/2008 12:02 PM

Anyone know if I can just connect the Amp directly to the dual battery 24v system? I am treading in uncharted waters here.
All marine and auto (same stuff not colored white for the most part) are 12v systems. Your boat, regardless of how many batteries operates on either 12v (MOST boats) or 24v (some larger boats). And, most of those larger boats with 24v systems, ALSO have 12v systems as well since not everything is available in 24v configurations (like bilge pumps for example).

So, if you boat is like MOST, it is a 12v boat, with multiple batteries for use on different things (one for motor, one for hosue electronics (VHF, GPS, bilge pumps...). So that means you need 12v stereo stuff including amp.

HOWEVER, IF by some stretch you actually do have a 24v boat, you would have to buy a 24v AMP to plug directly into it. I've never seen such a device (althpough it may very well be available??). OR, just put a 24v to 12v converter inline, and install a normal 12v amplifier and stereo, I would imagine this would be the preferred method. So to answer your question directly, NO, you can NOT connect a 12v amp, directly to a 24v system. BUT, you can get a 24v to 12v step down converter, and then connect the amp indirectly.

Hope that helps.