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Default Sound system upgrade

I decided to upgrade the inadequate sound system in the Wellcraft 238.
I have purchased a JL Audio A6450 Amp
4 JL Audio M770 7.5" Marine speakers
There is a new JVC Head unit ( I-Pod compatible )in the boat already and I will be leaving it alone for now.

I am stuck on a Sub Woofer though. There is enough room in the console to cut a hole for a 10" Sub but I would have to build an enclosure for it. I also thought about buying an enclosure and just keep it inside the console.
I have searched the site and found all kinds of threads on Marine Speakers but not a whole lot on Sub Woofers. I am sure there are 100 ways to go about it and I know lots of you have subs in your rig.
Anyone have pictures of your set-up for the sub and what Brand/Type you found works best for marine applications in a center console?
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