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Default NMEA V2.3 sentence question

Just for reference, I have everything (all sentences) turned on in my Raymarine GPS NMEA output. Has no effect, works fine.

"The dip switch dance" is RIGHT!! If you look closely, the dip settings on the green card are reversed from the dip settings in the Yami manuals as well as the gauge itself. By "reversed" I mean, up is on, and down is off. BUT, on the guage, UP is OFF and down is ON... After checking closely, the are all documented correctly with the correct on/off/on.... stuff, just that sometimes they show on up and somtimes on is down...

You'd think they designed them in Australia or somtin'?? Anywho!!

The next version of those gauges better have standard NMEA CONNECTOR PLUGS on the back, or I'm personally going to the headquarters in Georgia to slap somebody!!!

(suddenly that song came to mind: "Well now the devil went down to Georgia, looking for a soul to steal.... " I don't knoiw why? )

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