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Default NMEA V2.3 sentence question

I don't have ready access to my boat or the documentation since it is all put away for the winter, so this is from memory. But if you look at the green card that comes with the Yamaha fuel management gauge, I believe you will see that both dip switches 5 and 6 need to be reset to go from speedo input to GPS. I believe that the other wire (black is ground) is for the speedo input, so you should disconnect them and just use the white wire to your NMEA (+) from the Garmin Port 2, which is the gray wire from the power/data cord. If there is a common ground between your engine and your electronics, you do not need to connect the black ground wire from the fuel management gauge to the Garmin ground. Make sure you set port 2 to NMEA out, not Garmin proprietary.

If you do this, it may work. You don;t have any other GPS speed signal output besides the Garmin?
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