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Default NMEA V2.3 sentence question

quote:Originally posted by ClassicGuy:
Well this is interesting. I have a Garmin 2006C and a Furuno Navnet 1833C radar/plotter. The NMEA ouputs from each are hooked up through an on/off/on switch that allows me to select which GPS unit is supplying signal to my autopilot, DSC radios, and Yamaha FuelManagement gauge. The Yamaha gauge has never worked properly with the Garmin output, though everything else does. I finally ended up hard wiring it to the Furuno.

Has anyone ever seen the Yamaha input specs? Even my dealer couldn't find it anywhere in their service documentation -- just says "connect to NMEA output from GPS".

Boy are you the guy I need to talk to. I just installed a 2006, and it is talking to everything but a Standard Horizon repeater and the Yamaha fuel management gauge (the white wire).

Yamaha sucks at documentation, and their csutomer service is a broken record instructing you to call their clueless dealer.

First off: What wire is what on the Yammi fuel gauge (there are three). What little documiintation I have says to set dip switch #6 to the up position for the gauge to pick up speed via NMEA.
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