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Default NMEA V2.3 sentence question

quote:Originally posted by john sturdivant:
I have the 2010 and I see no way to change the version downwards.In the menu it is either NMEA on or off or default with a few sentence options.I have thought about this since upgrading from a Garmin 215 unit.Right now it is putting out info to a JRC 3000 radar,Standard spectrum,Furuno 582l and a sitex SP 80 autopilot.All are showing good data but the AP seems not to like version 2.3.It tends to really get off course where with the 215 it held steady at version 2.0.I am interested in other responses to this thread! I had to talk to standard about intefacing the radio to the Garmin,at first it would not work.I interfaced in both directions but only needed 3 wires,since the garmin NMEA ground is the boat ground it did strange things to the radio with both spectrum NMEA grounds hooked up.



DOH! Realized since I have the 2010 and a laptop dedicated to NMEA "issues" I can vacuum a couple pages of Garmin's output and emial it to you. You can then send it to your AP folks and ask wazzzzzzzzzzup.

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