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Default Re: ext antenna or no under t top....

Lazy_Iguana - 9/23/2008 6:22 PM

If you mount it on top of your helm (not flush mounted) then you will be fine. Flush mounting it may result in poor performance caused by changing the orientation (polarization) of the antenna (which could result in anything from a 0 - 40 db signal loss) AND could also expose the antenna to electromagnetic interference from other wires under the console.

I mounted my GPS on top of the helm, by the magnetic compass. Theft prevention is accomplished by simply removing the whole unit from the boat. My GPS uses an external antenna - which resides in the back of the boat near the engine. GPS antennas do not have to be mounted high, they just need a "clear" view of the sky. And by "clear" I do not mean clear by human eye standards, but clear to a radio receiver.
my old garmin 180 gps mount is still on the helm.....thats where i had it mounted with an ext ant.....on the t nice not to have to fool with that ant again....thanks...