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big george 11 - 9/21/2008 12:48 PM
We also made the same exact sock and slapped 23 different labels on it for other companies. You could walk into Sears and buy the exact same sock, made in the same factory, for 79 cents.
As far as I can tell this only happens on the low end of the market for power tools. I've read about a few exceptions IE where a $79 craftsman happens to be a $179 semi-pro model in disguise, but those seem to be the exception.

I don't care about brand, I'm just trying to get something decent for the $. Definitely a weekend warrior but every so often I expect my tools to hold up for a good 8 hour stretch. The Dewalt was actually a pleasant surprise, I didn't expect a lot but it worked great, even through a 4 month period where it would start spewing smoke every so often. (mysteriously stopped)