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Default Re: Good cordless drill?

meatdog - 9/21/2008 12:18 PM

We use DeWalt because they're cheap and readily available, but I have a sneaky feeling that power hand tools are like tv sets - there's a couple of independents and then all other brands are made by the same company or group of companies. I don't know how old you are, but a while ago 2-wheeled bikes were known as UJMs - Universal Japanese Motorcycles - very good but very bland. Hitachi is a classy brand, though, high quality, high reliability. I'm speaking from experience in the telecom industry.
Yeah, I did a summer internship program with Burlington Industries back in the 70's. Worked at a sock plant. We made the Burlington Gold Cup sock that sold then in men's stores for $4.50 a pair. We also made the same exact sock and slapped 23 different labels on it for other companies. You could walk into Sears and buy the exact same sock, made in the same factory, for 79 cents. Of course everyone said they were built to their "exact specifications" Just so happened those specifications were the same as 23 other outfits. After that, I looked for quality, but definitely was not nearly so brand conscious.

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