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Default Re: Pennsylvania boat trailer inspection

Evey weekend I see in the Upper FL keys:
1. A wrecked boat trailer or a boat that was NOT secured and it is damaged.
2. FL Highway Patrol or DOT stopping an unsafe boat trailer.
It runs the gamut from no lights ,smoking underinflated tires ,wheel bearings, no safety chains, etc etc.

We don't have a boat trailer inspection that I know of in FL.
However ,you are concentrated to US1 in the keys. So all the law enforcement have to do is wait for you.
They get them coming and going.

The new pretty green divider wall on the 18 mile stretch US1 ,mainland to the keys already looks like the Nascar wall at Darlington ; lots of tire marks in 4 months time.. I know some are trailer marks, I have witnessed some.
No I don't own a boat trailer anymore, however the last one was lighted by two seperate circuits, yep 2 lights on each side. Easy to switch and test.

Maybe we should have a safety inspection for boat trailers.
Most people don't mind getting a USCG auxillary boat inspection.
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