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Default Re: Pennsylvania boat trailer inspection

rwidman - 6/24/2008 9:30 AM

anglersedgemarine - 6/23/2008 10:17 PM

........................ My 2008 dual axle with one brake is more than enough for a 3K boat. Atleast in any other state in the US it is
Not in Florida. Florida and some other states require brakes on all axles of a trailer. Just like on a car or truck. And from someone who added brakes to his second axle, I can tell you it makes a noticeable difference in braking power. Now that I think about it, twice the power!

I've driven in PA. Not towing a trailer, but driven a car throught the mountains several times. They have some tough roads and steep grades, often ending in a "T" intersection in a town. It's a bad place to find that you don't have adequate stopping power.
Jones Brother Cape Fisherman 2000 weighs 2000lbs even. Ad the power and a full tank and it's just over still less than 3K

My last boat weighed the same and was on a single axle with no brakes so I think I have more than enough. My truck does come with brakes as well.

I have towed, run, and sold boats for a living for 18 years. Towed them all over the country and run them in just about every piece of water on the east coast. Drum brakes on one axle are plenty for a 3K boat even if I lived in the Alps.

It's another PA way to extract more money from it's residents. Again no one here seems to know anything about this. It is very difficult to find anything on line about it too.

This is the stupid way that PA DMV is run. The proper way to do this would be: In order to get it registered you have to have it inspected first!

It's the same friggin thing with cars. When we moved up from DE. I went and bought my wife a brand new Suzuki Vitara in NY. We brought it back. The dealer did the reg, title, and tags. All my wife did was go to DMV and pick the stuff up. In Delaware a new car does not need to be inspected. We don't have to go to three places to get this done. There is no sticker in the window in Delaware. Once your vehicle is 4 years old then you go back to DMV, Drive through the insection line (Takes a couple minutes), go inside and get your reg and the little sticker that goes on the license plate.

So, after buying this new car in NY we never thought we would have to get it inspected. New car. Dealer never said anything about inspection. PADMV never said you still need to get it inspected. There was no paperwork stating we had to get it inspected when my wife picked up everything else. So....Couple weeks later she got pulled over in an inspection check point with out 1 year old crying in the back seat. The guy had her roadside with 5 other cars for 45 minutes and wrote her a $150 ticket (so we thought).

Here is where it gets really good. My wife called the phone number on the check and the line just rang with no answering machine for days. So she totals up the illegible numbers on the back of the check and mails it in to the address provided to "Send payment" About two weeks later we get a message on the home phone saying that there has been a warrant issued for my wifes arrest for failure to pay the fine in full!!! Turns out the ticket is like a lottery ticket. You have to call to get your prize (The amount you owe) the numbers on the ticket were just an estimate. Turned out that she had mailed all but 53cents of the ticket amount. The friggin @ss holes issue a warrant for her arrest! She has never even paid a bill late before. Couldn't call and say hey you owe us more on the ticket.

PA sucks. Can't wait to leave. Again what would be smart would be to require an inspection in order to get a registration. But i guess it's harder to write tickets that way

Jeez these are the same people that Barack wants to run out health care. I wonder how many places I will have to visit when I get a cold

Tight lines, Bob
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