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Default Re: Pennsylvania boat trailer inspection

I hear you on that but the CCW license isn't any good in the bordering states! I can carry here but as soon as I drive 10 minutes which is to NY or NJ I can't carry. Still can't beat Delaware on just about everything else. I will be registering the boat in DE on the way back from NC. No sales tax that way.

I gotta think moving anywhere from Jersey is a relief. Car insurance, Tolls, Propery tax, Sales Tax, etc. They get you guys pretty good there. I stopped fishing there just because I hate towing down I80-287-GSPW- Yuck!

Israel Hands - 6/23/2008 1:45 PM

"I hate living in this state. I remeber moving here from Delaware."

Funny, but when I first moved to PA from NJ I thought exactly the same thing until I went to buy a handgun. It was cultural shock - cash and carry!

Israel Hands
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