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Default Best way to cut hole for speakers ?

In Agreement,

I used a jig saw when I put my speakers in. I made a template on the PC and printed it out, cut it out, made sure the speaker would fit, then I taped the template to the console area. I covered the entire area with wide masking tape to prevent gel coat chipping and marring with the saw. I drilled a 1/2 inch
starter hole and in seconds was done. I used an 18 tooth blade on the saw. I found that mounting the speakers as low as possible on the center console produced the best sound because the sound bounces off of the gunwales.

ps..I have a Roto Zip, used it a couple of times. I find it hard to control because of the power, it can run away in a flash. I can cut much straighter and more precise with my jig saw.

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