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Default Any good Free Comcast Movies?

I just found out last night that with the digital on demand there are free movies also - older and some B movies I guess....

I saw Hotel New Hampshire - Ok and just wierd enough to keep me entertained. Some pretty funny scenes and wierd characters and sort of an artsy approach where all of a sudden you know the writers don't expect you to believe it - they toy with the viewer but it is overall fun. In the end they let you in on all this though. Jody Foster, Bo Bridges and Rob Lowe.

Problem with these free movies is I have never heard of half of them and they are no ratings or much other information to help you chose one.

Does anyone have Comcast digital (I assume the same list is everywhere) and can you recommend any of the free movies? (Other than the few popular ones like Jaws II and III and some Stalone and Schwartznagger ones). They should somehow directly connect these to the Yahoo user rating and trailer systems.
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