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Default Re: Please watch "Crude" on History International Channel

I don't think the origin has anything to do with government at all. If anything, they are more reactionary than an ordinary citizen...it's all about votes. The real "problem" lies with the 24 hour news cycle and the insatiable need for news, even if it isn't news. Remember Kerry Emanuel of MIT? "His new method of simulating weather patterns as computer models shows that there will be in fact an overall drop in the number of hurricanes. During the intense 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons, Emanuel was one of the first to blame global warming and even said that active storm seasons will become the norm.

But now Emanuel is changing his mind saying, "The results surprised me. The take home message is that we've got a lot of work to do."

Imagine that. Anyone see this in "mainstream" media? No, because good news doesn't sell. As for oil, provide me with a reasonable alternative and I'll use it. Until then, let's use what we have. It's there, it's not in any real danger of running out, and it works.
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