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Default RE: Please watch "Crude" on History International Channel

illgotoo - 4/14/2008 9:17 AM

Global warming seems to be real. I will listen to both sides of the
argument and make up my own mind. (and try not to panic)

I disagree. I believe gobal warming can BECOME real, but as of now it's simply a way for Al Gore to make hundreds of millions. Talk about a hypocrit! Here's a guy who rides around the world almost daily in a private jet spewing out tons of CO2 while heating and cooling at least two mansion sized homes telling us, that WE need to cut back on emissions.

I don't see anything wrong with taking measures to prevent global warming and I'm ALL for alternative, renewable energy, but alarmists like Gore are using scare tactics to make money and infuence political thought. There is just too much evidence to contradict the global warming nuts for me to just take their word for it. After all, Newton was confined to his home and threatened with excommunication and possible imprisonment or even execution for espousing the crazy theory that the Earth wasn't the center of the universe and that it actually orbited the Sun rather than the other way around. In the same way, scientists who offer debate backed up by numbers and facts are being ostracized by the global warming crowd. If the global warming crowd is so sure of themselves, then why won't they debate it? They seem to take a position of "we're right, and you're wrong, and no matter how well you prove we're wrong... we're still right". That's not science, that's politics bordering on religion! Think about that. What is the most fundemental tenet of EVERY religion on this planet? Faith!!! You HAVE to believe!!! Why.......? For the simple reason that no religion on the planet can PROVE that their belief system is "right" or that it is based on indisputable fact. Most of them also back up this essential requirement for faith with fear too. Fear of the unknown. Fear of death. What is on the other side? By capitalizing on fear, they are able to "scare" you into believing, if for some insane reason you want something like proof. This is EXACTLY what Al Gore and company are doing. "You gotta believe that global warming is happening simply because we say so and if you don't believe, then you will burn, not in Hell, but on Earth." Sound familiar?

Yes I know my analysis of religion is a little cynical, but it's directed mostly towards what people seeking political power and wealth have turned religions into, not religion itself.
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