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Default Re: 890 yard kill shot.

fishcop - 4/14/2008 1:03 PM

One of the top bench rest shooters in the country works in my office. He showed me this video last year. It is infact a bench rest rifle, the 338 whisper caliber. Again not taking anything from these guys. They still do some amazing things when it comes to calling the wind, mirage, and adjusting their loads for distance, but I have seen some amazingly good shooters do the same thing with factory ammo out of guns they were holding. I could get into a talk about balistics and other things that would probably bore you, but there are guys right now in the military and LE who make shots like that all while holding the rifle under some pretty stressfull environments.
Yep, and some of em might even be good enough to become a president's hundered, huh.
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