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Default Re: Please watch "Crude" on History International Channel

I don't think I have watched this show, but I have seen some others that were very interesting in explaining where oil came from and gave me a new perspective of the potential that burning oil could significantly accelerate a period of global warming. That's assuming that the show writers are correct in what they are reporting as facts. (I always love the "many scientists believe" disclaimers the History Channel throws out - history has shown that the truth normally does not lie with the scientific concensus but with the one "crackpot" that is later discovered to have been correct.)

So from the oil shows, I now conclude that oil is actually a solar/bio fuel and the burning of oil could potentially cause global warming which could then cause a mass extinction. But I've also learned that human beings and human civilizations are but a mere flash of light in relation to the age of the earth and universe. So who knows when this will happen.
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