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Default Re: Lawn sprinklers?

NJFISH - 4/13/2008 6:17 PM

bms1939 - 4/13/2008 1:23 PM

Why is undergroung not an option? For an area that size I think its your only option.
Actually it would be but I don't want to make the investment, I also have very rocky soil. I would do it myself but I would kill myself in the process, even with a trencher. I also don't want any automatic device since I have a well and I've had some trouble in the past.

The sweeping sprinklers have been OK but I would always have to move at least 3 times to get full cover...and I have good pressure so it is working at max range.
Some companies have a machine that pulls the plastic tubing underground without trenching.

You don't need an automatic device. When I bought my house, the former owners had installed underground piping and heads but brought all the pipes to a manifold with a manual valve for each zone and a hose connector - connect the garden hose, turn the water on, then open the zone valves one at a time. This not only saved them the cost of zone valves and a timer, it saved them the cost of a backflow preventer and in our area, the cost of an annual inspection ($35.00).