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Default RE: Lawn sprinklers?

NJFISH - 4/10/2008 6:34 PM

Why do they all suck? I've tried 'em all. I think I'm going to try the one that looks like a tractor that travels the hose. Any recomendations? Underground is not an option. I want to water a 40'x60' area and not have to move it 10 times.
? I have a ~30x50 area I water occasionally and I just use one of the $15 back and forth fan types from home depot. At worst I have to move it once, depending on the wind... you can also always get two smaller ones, put a "T" in the middle, and connect them with hose to make a "semi-permanent" solution, just put a small stake in the ground when you find the right positioning for the 2...