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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

I haven't made any money this year at all. But the bright side is, at least I haven't lost any like last year. I could go for a hundred or so years and not make any more money, but I couldn't go for many more losing money. Kids are healthy and on their own. Liquor cabinet is full, grass is cut, I could use a younger wife though, but I guess that falls in the category of losing money, so I'll leave that one alone. Other than having a business and landfill capable of turning millions of dollars a year rusting and growing grass, I'm ok.

I wish I could say the same for this country. It's gone to chit. North Georgia has really been hit hard by the housing bust and there are homes on top of homes setting empty both new and foreclosed. Sad, very sad. I would say at least 30% of the population up here that made any money at all made it in the housing industry around the area and it's really showing now. On top of that, everything has went up in price except wages so there you have it. If you are in the housing business or any related industry in North Georgia you are sucking wind.
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