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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

closing down my fairly successful business; two business' based on the housing industry in one house isn't the smartest thing.

One of my close friends has a massive tumor on his pituitary gland, they started removal today and haven't heard yet. He is active duty and his future is up in the air.

Another close friend is have his back fused next week.

My wife broke her leg 3 weeks ago, 6 screws and what looks like part of an erector set in her leg. On a walker for the next few months. Wouldn't be so bad, but she is a real estate agent who, up until this, has been holding her own in this iffy market. I've gotten a crash course in waiting on someone hand and foot, shopping and domestic engineering duties. It is her right leg, so driving is going to be an issue. Oldest moved back home to help us get thru.

If my plate wasn't full already, I started college again two weeks ago, for some reason I decided to do part time, thankfully it is.

My mom wants to move into our house from halfway across the states; I really need to get a larger house to make this happen and it needs to be a large rancher for mobillity purposes. Trying to delay the inevitable for a few months.

I now have an unexpected truck payment I didn't plan on after one died.

the good news,
I start work on Monday, 3 weeks after planning to close the business, was actually offered a couple of different jobs. Instructor for watercraft engineers, 10 minute drive and home by 4pm. At least one steady income and it fits everyones schedule.
Youngest is maintaining honors and getting accepted to govenors school.
Just spent the afternoon servicing the boat today and it's ready to fish.
I still have a roof over my head.
that's just off the top of my head....I've actually got quite a bit to be thankful for.
I'm not able to fit in spring gobbler season this year, coming to terms with it and it is okay.

thanks for asking