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Default RE: Converting Oil Furnace to Gas

CJS - 4/10/2008 6:11 AM

The oil furnace is pushing 15 years old and after shelling out
$600 - $700 per fill up this winter (about every 5 weeks), I'm
considering replacing it with a natural gas boiler. I already
have gas service into the house. It's a hot water baseboard
heating system. The local gas Co. (National Grid) will give you
the furnace if they do the installation, but I haven't had them
in to quote the job yet. Anybody ever done this before? Anything
to look out for or suggestions would be appreciated.
Not sure you will save on heating bills switching to gas. Oil may be higher now, but that seems to run in cycles. One year or month oil is higher, next month or year gas is higher...
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