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Default Re: MS Windows CeMeNT

Just1more - 2/25/2008 4:16 AM

So I guess if Cadillac Northstar V8 wouldn't work in a Chevette without heavy upgrades, that would piss you off too? I'm still trying to find a reason to dislike Vista. Of course, it came with new XPS that Dell built for me. I understand there have been some driver issues but what other problems have you guy's experienced? Specifics, please.
I dunno, i guess some people have problems with it. I own 2 vista machines. One is a custom PC I built myself in 2003 and have not updated anything since then and it works 100% with no issues. The other is a cheapo $650 Acer laptop I bought about 2 months ago and again, 0 issues. Some of my older games don't run on vista but wtf they are 10 years old. Other then that, no problems at all.
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