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Default Re: Mis-matching HVAC system (replacing outside unit without touching inside)

Freezerman1 - 1/19/2008 1:52 AM

Tinmarine needs to go to HVAC school period!

Ok, I'll bite. Why is that? Is it when I told him his unit is fine and just replcae the compressor? Or how about when I said he should great service for $1000. Or perhaps pumping down the system? Replace dryer? Dates on federal regs? The only other thing I would have added is the fact that the tech that came out could have SAVED all his freon by pumping back into his condensor, and not filtering it through water (that still cracks me up). From the sounds of it, things are done different when it comes to warranties across the country. Everything here IS contingent on install. If it fails due to install it doesn't get warranted. Never mind the fact that when the installing company comes out and replaces the part, they charge insane amounts of money. My cousin moved into a house and her compressor went out. Still under warantee she had it fixed. Over $600 bucks to replace. Throw in another 100 and I would have gave her a whole new unit.
So let's hear it sport. Back your claim, let's have fun.

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