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Default Re: Mis-matching HVAC system (replacing outside unit without touching inside)

If its an air handler in a closet with a filter grill below it take the filter out, stick your digital camera in there and take a picture of the coil, should give you a good idea of its condition. Replacing the condensor without doing the air hander isn't a problem. It won't reach the rated efficiency of the unit, but it won't be a big deal...its will still be better than what you had before. If its a heat pump its a different story...electric only heat tho, not a problem. If you give me the model # off the tag on the condenser I can usually tell you the size.

Purchase a good quality condenser and if the air handler is in good shape you should be fine for now. If the coil looks like crap go ahead and do both or it will create headaches for you later on. While you have the filter out check behind it and make sure the return is sealed up well. Also on a 3 ton its common to find a 20x20 filter...if its not atleast 18x24 get a bigger filter grille. A good company will give you all of this information when they come out along with a proposal detailing exactly what units they would use and materials included.
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