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Default Re: Mis-matching HVAC system (replacing outside unit without touching inside)

Flot - 1/12/2008 1:08 PM

vent it through a coke bottle full of water (no lie) and then rather than vacuuming out the system, simply blew freon through it and then closed the valves.
That's funny right there.

They "advised me" that my compressor was "probably almost shot" since it was not pumping down as fast as they thought it should, and did their best to sell me a new system since mine was "on its last legs." (that was a year ago)

In retrospect my understanding is that when opening and moving the system they surely should have kept a vaccum on the line for a while - and probably also replaced the dryer (?) as part of opening it up. But what do I expect for $1000 cash? (again - this was the co that did the ORIGINAL install, pretty big outfit)
Pumping down the system is the process of vacumming the lines, NOTHING to do with the compressor.
The dryer they should have replaced, but you don't have to KEEP a vacuum on the system while moving it, just close the valves, particularly that short a distance.
For $1000 you should have recieved EXCELLENT service. Figuring they only used about 20 bucks worth of freon.
Shop around for a GOOD company. They are out there.

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