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Default Re: Mis-matching HVAC system (replacing outside unit without touching inside)

tinmarine - 1/12/2008 11:04 AM

Sounds like you just need to replace the compressor. Just how did the contractor make your compressor go bad? I'm curious to hear that. The 13 minimum rating was in effect in 07. Manufacturers could not build anything smaller than 13 after that point. If you could find the equipment, you could install lower than that though. With an older coil and new unit, things CAN NOT be warranteed. Mixing the two is not a scam. If it were, I'd tell you. It doesn't affect my business any which way. Fact is things are made differently today as opposed to ten, twenty years ago. As far as installing yourself, and paying cash........ I'll give you a guess what happens if something goes wrong. No one will work on it under warrantee. Everything is contingent on install. Keeping the pump on it for HOURS is kind of useless also. Once the vacuum pulls down 29.5 lbs, guess what, there's no leaks. A little longer is'nt bad because it cleans the lines out. But as long as it's on for at least an hour your fine. 11 years isn't bad at all. You still have many years to go on that system. Just replace the compressor and you'll be fine. Just get a good company in there to do it. Call many companies and ask questions to find the right guys that's all.
Tin - I came home after a week on vacation and found the fuse to the condensor blown. In retrospect I'm assuming the contactor failed closed and kept it running until it heated up enough to blow the fuse. The other night, woke up to hear the compressor running and running and running and the fan inside turned off. Took me a while to put 2+2 together to realize the contactor was sticking - my AC is on 360 days a year on an electronic thermostat so there's no telling how many times it may have stuck one way or the other. Also from the looks of the contacts I'm not confident it was passing the voltage it should have been, which from my understanding could also damage the compressor.

It's a different world down here in South Florida... I'm not sure I'd even count on getting a viable warranty with a brand new system. The "pros" I paid $1k to move my unit 50 feet to the side of my house sent a couple of $15/hr jackasses out here whose idea of freon recovery was to vent it through a coke bottle full of water (no lie) and then rather than vacuuming out the system, simply blew freon through it and then closed the valves. They "advised me" that my compressor was "probably almost shot" since it was not pumping down as fast as they thought it should, and did their best to sell me a new system since mine was "on its last legs." (that was a year ago)

In retrospect my understanding is that when opening and moving the system they surely should have kept a vaccum on the line for a while - and probably also replaced the dryer (?) as part of opening it up. But what do I expect for $1000 cash? (again - this was the co that did the ORIGINAL install, pretty big outfit)
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