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Default Re: Mis-matching HVAC system (replacing outside unit without touching inside)

Hmm.. thanks for the comments guys. Turns out problem #1 was a failing contactor, I just finished replacing that and will see if that helps things. Of course the contactor going bad surely accelerated the demise of the compressor. I'm trying to be proactive about it, since I'd rather shop around and get a deal on a condensing unit during feb-mar then have it go out in the middle of August and pay $3k as an emergency replacement.

Trying to avoid replacing the whole thing - not necessarily staying in the house that long and for the size of the house (tiny) and the simplicity of the system I don't think I'm going to see any substantial benefit from investing a lot in a higher end A/C unit.

Air handler and ductwork is in reasonably good shape and clean. 11 Years sounds like a long time but my neighbor just replaced his system - which was installed in the early 70s!
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