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Default Re: Never make a lab wait !

My buddies black lab pawed the trigger of my shotgun while duck hunting in a blind 9-10 years ago. Ducks were circling, I had my hand on the trigger guard and the dog was all antsy in anticipation. I was kneeling down and had the gun butt resting on the floor putting the muzzle close to my face. Next thing I knew the gun went off about 6 inches from my face. The percussion knocked me down and I couldn't hear much for about 24 hours. I was never so scared in my life. Scared the h ell out of my buddy too. I am now a very, very cautious gun handler and will not hunt with those who don't take it seriously. I hunted from that same (public) blind a couple years ago and you can still see the hole I blew through the roof of the blind after all these years.
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