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Default RE: slide in truck camper

In 2005 I saw the fuel prices becoming an issue so I sold my travel trailer and bought a TC. I bought a Northstar 8.5 Adventurer. This was a good move for me because I had a offroad hobby and needed to be able to pull my rig as well as now being able to pull my boat. Rex (owner of Northstar) took a phone call from me about his product and filled me in on the details of a slide in. I bought a set of frame mounted tie-downs on e-bay and a set of Timbren overload springs and then the camper. The slide in is without a doubt worth every penny. I bought a 8.5 so I would not have to use a hitch extender. The Timbrens keep my truck level and the Northstar keeps me warm or cool depending on the time of the year. I truly believe that Northstar equals a Lance in quality at a much better price. I get 15 mpg with the camper and no trailer. 11-13 mpg towing the boat. Thats hard to beat. Here is a couple pics of my rig:

The rest of the pics are located here:
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