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Default Re: Kubota tractor purchase

check out

pretty good site.

I have a 4330 with a Cab and bucket. Plenty of power of power. Doing stuff I never thought I would ever do with it on a 100 acre farm. Also have a much larger Case with 165 hp and 13ft bush hog. The little tractor gets used 95% of the time.

If you get a bucket get 4wd and hydro. A bucket without 4wd and you will be wasting your time if its wet because these machines are so light by tractor and equipment standards. Hydro is very nice for loader work or backing a boat into tight quarters etc because you can be very precise. I would also try to find some thing used. Likely someone will be trying to unload one fast with the economy dropping.

I dont know what state you are in but you might also look into writing it off for farm use if your property meets the requirements.

I shopped all over the mid atlantic for a kubota before we bought ours and I can give you the place that had the best price by 3K if you PM me. I dont know where you are located but it was worth a days drive with a trailer to pick mine up.