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Default Re: Feedback on Ford Escape hybrid

Nickys Toy - 1/6/2008 4:39 PM

I went to look at one for my wife and this is what the dealer told me. He said most of them will be painted yellow and used as taxis in the city. He wouldn't be getting any anytime soon. As far as the electric part of the vehicle is concerned, it only uses the electric power when you are going 25 M.P.H. or less. The batteries were not going to be warrantied and they were big $$$ to replace. He knew I wouldn't be lookng at any other Ford vehicles so him telling me this wasn't so he could sell me something else. True, I don't know. I bought her an Acura TL, nice car.
I have a Toyota Highlander hybrid all wheel drive that i bought this past April. I don't know if the hybrid drive system works the same way as the Escape's, but the electric motor(s) are also used at highway speeds, not just at 25 mph or less. It is definitely more efficient at lower speeds, though. The mileage starts to plummet at speeds in excess of 70 mph to the point where it is no better than a standard drive. Not a bad car so far, but i do miss my truck........