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Default RE: Feedback on Ford Escape hybrid

We have a few of them ('06s iirc) in our company vehicle pool. they have done fairly well maintenance/repair-wise, but not spectacular. I would say each probably ends up in the shop with a repair needed (not a basic wear item) probably twice a year, or every 10-15k mi.

Overall, seem to be a lot of $$ for the limited mpg benefit we get. I dont know off-hand the exact mpg, but i would guess its low-mid 20s. Most of our use is highway, where the electric benefit is limited. I would think they would be a much better commuter/city car.

Our fleet guy elected not to buy anymore, fwiw (and we are a "green" company, so if the hybrid made sense, we would try to buy them)

If you want me to get you more specific stats on the ones we have, shoot me a pm and i'l ask my guy about his specific records on them (I bet we have put 150k miles total across them all so far).