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Default Re: Kubota tractor purchase

I have the L3400. I considered both and chose the 3400. I believe at the time there were a couple of subtle differences (maybe it was the 2 stage clutch). For what you are doing it sounds like you won't be using the extra power, however I would bet you would get the money back in resale. I use mine on hilly terrain and it struggles up a 15% grade in 3-high with the 3400 engine (of course I also have the tires filled which is an extra several hundred pounds).

I almost guarantee you will start doing stuff with it that you dont plan on today.

A couple of things to consider with the Kubota's.

1) Hydrostatic transmission. For the amateur operator this is a heck of a lot easier (I dont have it but sometime wish I did)
2) Quick-connects (not sure if this is the correct term, but allows you to take the bucket on and off easily). Really wish I got these.
3) Center-PTO might help with mowers and stuff.

I think these option drive you to the higer end L series though.

Beware it is addictive. Several folks I know have moved up to the M series.......