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Default Re: Look Out Fishermen, Here Comes PETA

H e l l, the hook aint even the worst part--my version of catch and release is---after I hang that cold steel in they jaw and haul them struggling out of the water, I just strip off they filets while they still wiggling and throw they live meatless carcasses back in the water so they can swim away!! Talk about cruel!!

And I have also been known to throw live crabs into boiling water and watch them die writhing in agony before I crack open they little bodies and eats they insides!! Shrimps too!! I have torn they little heads off while they still alive!!! Lobsters too!!!

Sometimes when I catch a fish, I beat the h e l l out of it with a club til it is dead!!

Other times I throw them live into a box full of ice and freeze they asses to death!!!

Yet other times, I throw them into an overcrowded (I hope) little tank of water and let them swim around in they own waste til I get them out and let them die a slow death!!!

I probably should be arrested and put in jail