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Default Re: Look Out Fishermen, Here Comes PETA

Jordeez98 - 11/12/2007 1:08 PM

TN FREEBIRD - 11/12/2007 9:37 AM

Hey, like it or not, something has to die in order for us to eat. You ever see anybody do a catch and release with a tomato?
Thats because you can't put the tomato back on the vine
You pluck that lil sucker out of it natural environment.....its dead!

Oh well, i think life as we know it will continue on. I think the fact that laws are in place to protect certain species on land or sea from becoming extinct is plenty. I don't think i could survive if a cow, fish or chicken wasn't a daily part of my diet.
;? ;?
Yep, that's what I meant about catch and release. If you hook a fish in the mouth, you're not going to hurt it. You can release it if you're just fishing for sport. 'Maters just don't work like that!

There is no way in the world this ole' boy could ever be a vegitarian, not by choice anyway. I think it was Ted Nugent who said if God didn't mean for man to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them taste so good.

Hey Sid, next time you're in a Chinese restaurant, order CantChew Collie. It'll get you a cussin' you'll never understand!