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yep, i agree with TN.......paying off a balance wont do anything to raise a score...and depending on the amounts and circumstances may even lower it....
if your going to play the credit card game, you need to spend about 30% of that cards max limit.....and keep it there as long as possible, suck it up and pay the minimum amount each month, or just a little more.......key is to keep the card around 1/3 credit given VS value of card......
and always always always pay the bill on the exact day its due...not a day before, or a day after...thats the real key to raising a score with credit cards.....
a very expensive way to do it, but it works........after all, the big three are in it to make money im sure like the everyone else......their money (though i have no idea how the scale works) comes in the form of fees charged to the credit companies for your info, i bet there is a sliding scale for length of loans, amounts, etc......