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Default Re: Did you lease your boat and/or Honda engine(s)? if so Honda says you have no warranty!

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Nothing Honda does ever suprises me.. But that's because I've never been a Honda Zealot
Me either, the sad thing is the Accord Hybrid could be a very nice car in only Honda would fix it instead of ignoring the problem. I figure if Honda would do that to their customers that bought the most expensive Honda automobile sold, they would do the same to their marine customers were the price point is much lower as are the profits.

Note 1: this is America Honda, not Honda. They are two entirely different companies, different business philosophies. That an American company would pull this crap does not surprise me, either.

Note 2: I read that Honda recently discontinued manf'ring of it hybrid. The sales numbers just weren't there. I wish Toyota would stop too. The hybrid cars pollute more than any other mass produced vehicle, and they introduce a whole new set of safety issues that aren't needed. Anyways, I guess Honda is going to introduce a new, smaller hybrid car next year. I imagine it is somewhere around here so if anyone wants pix of it let me know an I'll drive my Toyota over to a Honda dealership. Note: that would be 'Honda', and not 'America Honda'.

Speaking of new and smaller, put on your seatbelt.... Beginning in 2008 Japan will begin importing a whole new philosophy of cars into America. They are smaller, leaner, less luxurious, more utilitarian but without being just a metal box. I believe Toyota will be the opening act for this new show.
Honda Motor Corp (EG: "The whole company") is not without a checkered past. It's just that Consumer Reports readers never dig any further. The Japanese Auto MFG's aren't any "better" than the rest as far as thier business practices, they just hide the truth better. As far as I'm concerned they are all alike.
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